Easy Tips to Lose Weight Fast


  • Do not use excess weight if you want to lose weight.
  • Do not forget to hurt the morning.
  • Eat nutrients in the appetizers.
  • Eat more salads and green vegetables.
You do not have to diet to lose weight. You can also get some healthy clues to lose weight, which can be both way and healthy. To reduce weight loss, you must adopt a method that allows you to stay in shape. The best way to lose weight is to make a diet or diet to help you lose weight. Let’s learn some easy tips to lose weight quickly.
Weight loss is important to start the exercise. If you reduced your exercise at the beginning, but then prolonged your time.
Be sure to warm up before exercising. You can stretch, jump or walk inside the body. This will warm your body and you can perform the running, jumping and unloading exercises easily.
Keep the water with you during exercise so you do not get tired and breathe quickly.
You get up in the morning and drink a glass of lemon and honey every day in a glass of warm water.
Chocolates, cakes, sweets, ice creams, sweets etc. Eating.
Dessert may be your favorite, but to lose weight quickly, you must forget the candy, sugar, sugar and salt or reduce the amount.
In meals, vegetables, potatoes, rabbits, crisp and so on. You can eat and eat rice.
For an hour or an hour water after eating.
Do not sit down immediately after eating, walk for a while, eat extra calories when you eat, as it will burn after the stroke.
Do not eat to finish again.
Finish breakfast. If you work, breakfast is very important, otherwise you will feel hungry before lunch, so you can not avoid eating snacks that help increase obesity.
If you are hungry, instead of a sandwich, salad, carrot, cucumber, cucumber, salad, puffs, roasted sandwiches, etc.
Eat at least an hour and a half before going to sleep at night and do not forget to walk after eating.
With these tips, you can reduce your weight faster without any additional impact.

Home Remedies for Colds and Flu

Treat the Common Cold at Home.Being sick is not even fun in bed. The combination of pain, fever, chills and nasal congestion can be enough to make everyone feel unhappy.
There are many home remedies that can relieve your symptoms and return to normal. If you still feel sick after a few weeks, make an appointment with your doctor. If you have trouble breathing, your heart rate is fast, if you feel sick or have other serious symptoms, consult a doctor before.
Keep reading to see what medicines you can imagine at home for the cold and the flu

Chicken Soup

Chicken soup may not be a panacea, but it’s a good option when you’re sick. Research shows that enjoying a chicken soup with vegetables extracted or reheated from a bowl will slow the movement of neutrophils in your body. Neutrophils are a common type of white blood cell. They help protect your body from infections. When they move slowly, they remain more concentrated in the areas that require the greatest healing of their body.
The study found that chicken soup was particularly effective in reducing the symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections. The low sodium soup also has an excellent nutritional value and helps keep you moist. A good choice, no matter how you feel.


The health benefits of ginger root have been introduced for centuries, but now we have scientific evidence about its healing properties. A few slices of raw ginger root in boiling water can help relieve cough or sore throat. Research shows that it can prevent nausea that is so common. For example, one study found that only one gram of ginger “can regain clinical nausea for several reasons.”
Get some ginger tea online today and start to feel the benefits of relaxing.


Honey has several antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Drinking honey with lemon tea can relieve sore throat. Research shows that honey is also an effective antitussive. In one study, researchers found that giving 10 grams of honey before going to bed would reduce the severity of cough symptoms. Children sleep healthier, which helps reduce cold symptoms.
You should not give honey to a child under 1 year of age, usually because it contains botulinum spores. Although they are generally harmless for older children and adults, the immune system of babies can not fight them.


Garlic contains the alisin compound, which may have antimicrobial properties. Adding a garlic supplement to your diet can reduce the severity of cold symptoms. According to some research, it can help you avoid getting sick in the first place.
More research is needed on the potential benefits of the cold war of garlic. By the way, adding more garlic to your diet probably will not hurt you.


Native Americans used the herbs and roots of echinacea to treat infections for more than 400 years. The active components of flavonoids contain chemicals with many therapeutic effects in the body. For example, flavonoids can boost your immune system and reduce inflammation.
Studies on the effectiveness of the plant in the fight against colds and colds were mixed. However, a review shows that taking echinacea can reduce your risk of developing a common cold by more than 50 percent. It can also reduce the duration of colds. If you are a healthy adult, consider taking 1 or 2 weeks of roots or herbs of echinacea as tea once a day for up to a week.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C plays an important role in your body and has many health benefits. Lemons, oranges, grapefruit, green leafy vegetables and other fruits and vegetables, as well as lemons, are a good source of vitamin C. Adding fresh lemon juice to hot honey tea can reduce phlegm when you get sick. Drinking hot or cold lemonade can also help.
Although these drinks do not completely cleanse your cold, they can help you get the vitamin C your immune system needs. Taking adequate amounts of vitamin C can relieve upper respiratory infections and other diseases.
Probiotics are bacteria and yeast found in the body, in certain foods and supplements. They can help keep the intestines and the immune system healthy, and research has shown that probiotics can reduce the chance of getting an upper respiratory tract infection.
Add probiotic yogurt to your diet to get a source of tasty and nutritious beneficial bacteria. In addition to the potential benefits to your immune system, yogurt is a healthy snack that provides a large amount of protein and calcium. Look for products that list live bacteria on the label.

Other options

Salt water

Gargling with salt water can help prevent upper respiratory infections. It can also reduce the severity of cold symptoms. For example, it can relieve sore throat and nasal congestion.
Gargling with salt water reduces and releases mucus containing bacteria and allergens. To test this medicine at home, dissolve 1 teaspoon of salt in a glass of water. Float around your mouth and throat. Then spit it out.

Anonymous ointment

You may not like the odor, but some old-fashioned ointments, such as steam rubbing, seem to reduce cold symptoms in children over 2 years of age. Only one or two applications before bedtime can help airways combat congestion, reduce coughing and improve sleep. Vapor friction is gaining ground among some physicians who encourage parents to refrain from prescribing non-prescription cold medicines because of undesirable side effects.


The flu develops and spreads more easily in dry environments. Creating more moisture in your home can reduce your exposure to this flu-causing virus. The increase in moisture can also reduce nasal inflammation, which makes breathing easier when you are ill. Adding a cool mist humidifier to your room can help you feel more comfortable. This is especially true in winter when the dry temperature inside can worsen your symptoms. Addition of a few drops of eucalyptus oil can also stimulate your breathing.
Get an online moisturizer and start breathing better.
Note that the water used in the humidifiers must be changed daily to stop the growth of mold and other fungi. For the same effect without humidifier, take a long shower or stay in a bath filled with steam.

Hot bathrooms

Sometimes, giving him a hot sponge bath may reduce the child’s fever. Hot baths can also reduce colds and flu symptoms in adults. Adding Epsom salt and baking powder to the water can reduce body pain. The addition of a few drops of essential oil such as tea tree, juniper, rosemary, oregano, orange, lavender or eucalyptus may also have a calming effect.

Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Treatment of Hemorrhoids.

Sometimes Hemorrhoids, called Piles, are anus and inflamed vessels in your rectum. Common symptoms may include pain, itching and rectal bleeding. They can develop inside and outside the anus and rectum, called internal and external hemorrhoids respectively.
Hemorrhoids are a common problem. It is estimated that 75% of Americans experience it at some time. As a general rule, they can cause mild and serious conditions by moving away in a few weeks. Home remedies can make them more pleasant.

1. Hamamelis

Witch hazel can reduce itching and pain, the two main symptoms of hemorrhoids. As it is a natural anti-inflammatory, it can also reduce swelling.
Witches can be taken in liquid form and applied directly to hemorrhoids. It is also found in products such as wipes and anti-itch soaps.

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera gel is traditionally used to treat hemorrhoids and various skin conditions. It is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce irritation.
Although the clinical evidence of the efficacy of aloe vera gel against hemorrhoids is insufficient, the free and integrated National Health Center is very safe for topical use.
The gel may be present as a component in other products, but in hemorrhoids, you should only use pure aloe vera gel. The pure gel of aloe vera can also be collected directly from the leaves of an aloe.
Some people are allergic to Aloe Vera, especially those who are allergic to garlic or cold. Check an allergic reaction by rubbing the forearm too much. Wait 24 to 48 hours. If the reaction does not occur, its use must be safe.

3. Hot salt bath from Epsom

Hot baths can help irritate hemorrhoids. You can use the sitz bath with a small plastic tub that sits on the toilet seat or a full bath in the tub.
According to Harvard Health, the hot bath will be effective 20 minutes after each bowel movement. Adding Epsom salts to the bathroom can reduce pain and provide greater relief.
4. Ointments without a prescription.
Over-the-counter creams and ointments, such as Preparation H, can be found in almost all pharmacies and can provide immediate relief. Some may even reduce swelling and help your hemorrhoids recover faster.
However, if you use a hydrocortisone cream, do not use it for more than a week at a time.

5. Calming Wipes

The use of toilet paper after a bowel movement may aggravate existing hemorrhoids. Wipes can help keep you clean without causing irritation. For additional support, you can find rags that contain anti-hemorrhoid painkillers, such as witch hands or aloe vera.
Make sure the wipes you choose are not alcohol, perfume or other irritants. These substances can exacerbate symptoms instead of relieving them.

6. cold compresses

Apply ice packs or cold pack to reduce swelling for 15 minutes at a time. For large and painful hemorrhoids, this can be a very effective treatment. Always wrap the ice in a cloth or paper towel and never apply a frozen object to the skin.

7. Stool softeners.

According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, stool softeners or fiber supplements, such as psyllium, can help reduce constipation, ease bowel movements and make bowel movements quick and easy. pain.
Most of these softeners come in the form of powders, capsules and liquids that are taken orally once or twice a day.

8. Loose cotton clothing.

Replacing tight polyester clothing with breathable cotton (especially cotton underwear) can help keep the anal region clean and dry. This can potentially reduce the symptoms. Avoid the use of perfumed detergents or softeners to reduce irritation.

Prevent Hemorrhoids

Lifestyle and changes in diet are the best way to prevent hemorrhoids. Staying physically active and eating healthy helps keep your bowel movements organized.
Eat plenty of fiber-rich foods (especially plants) and drink plenty of water for the proper functioning of the digestive process and the prevention of constipation. Regular exercise and avoiding sitting for a long time can help prevent hemorrhoids.
The most effective way to prevent constipation is to go to the bathroom when you feel the need. Late stools again cause intestinal fecal suction. This makes the stools more difficult when you finally arrive.
When to see your doctor
Hemorrhoids are usually easy to treat and clean on their own. In very rare cases, hemorrhoids can cause complications.
The chronic loss of blood caused by hemorrhoids can cause anemia, deficiency of red blood cells. Internal hemorrhoids may have cut off blood circulation, which can result in overwhelmed hemorrhoids that can cause excessive pain.
If the treatments at home have not been effective after more than two weeks, make an appointment with your doctor. Your family doctor can diagnose and treat hemorrhoids. They can prescribe recipes for creams, ointments and medicated suppositories.
If these treatments do not work, they may recommend treatments such as a rubber case or surgery to eliminate hemorrhoids. If you notice rectal bleeding for the first time or if your rectal bleeding increases, you should make an appointment with your doctor immediately.

Sex on the Wedding Night- How to Make it a Memorable Experience?

Sex on the wedding night can be incredibly romantic or you can spend a toilet. This is what is expected from the sex of the wedding night.
The sex of your wedding night is a ritual dance with excitement and expectations surrounding it, so it’s hard to know if you’re doing it right. The truth is, the sex of the wedding night doesn’t always go as you think, but that doesn’t mean it’s not special.
So, what’s the norm when you have sex on your wedding night? In a survey of 1,000 couples, 52% said they did not have sex on their wedding night. The truth is, your wedding night will be exactly what you did with you. It could have been super romantic, or you could spend it on praising the porcelain god, because you did too much.
Terrible, if you want to have romantic sex with your new girlfriend, you have to plan. This means that it is not wasted, doesn’t fight and just doesn’t rise until the morning to do the action.
You don’t have to make the wedding night perfect, you just have to do it yourself. These are all tips on how to get the most out of the sex of your wedding night. [Read: 10 ways to make marriage sex feel like overnight

Make the wedding night unforgettable.

This is your wedding night. You should not be prepared for a mediocre experience, although the rose petals determine your expectations of having more than one orgasm in your bed. In the game, whether you are good or adept at making love, we explain here how to make the most of the gender of the wedding night.
# 1 If you’re a virgin If you’re a virgin on your wedding night, then some ridiculous things about how to fall. They’re told they’re only gonna be a few seconds, and it’s true, and they’re told that women won’t feel bloodshed and pleasure. If you are a virgin, do not expect an incredible orgasm. But don’t tell me either! These may be general rumors, but they don’t have to be real.
Make your first time special. It’s your wedding night, after all! Take many pre-games, use protection, and take the time to enjoy each other. This is an experience that you will never forget. You know Biliy if it is not wasted.
# 2 Low pressure means good results. Even if you have sex hundreds of times when you go to the wedding night, you can still get butterflies. You are having sex for the first time as husband and wife.
One of the biggest tips to remember is not to put too much pressure at night. Keep your expectations low for the sexual part of the night. This way, if you have done it, you get excited, but if you are too tired to have a goodnight kiss, you will not be disappointed.
The wedding night, sex does not have to complete a checklist. You do not have to have a room full of heart-shaped balloons, you do not need to light a candle and you do not have to wear white underwear or put your new wife on the threshold.
All this would certainly make the night more special, of course! But the most important thing is to start your life together.
# 3 Do not get drunk. If you are expecting the best sex of the wedding night you can have, the best advice you can have is not to be drunk at the wedding. The negative effects of alcohol on sex can make you leave a loose whiskey or a dry vagina in the desert. These two things, especially when they come together, do not create a romantic romance in the sack.
Another entertaining and dazed reality? Alcohol can oppress or interrupt your orgasm. It’s true, you may be able to drill it, but that does not mean you’ve finished before. Some basic reasons why you do not want to lose money on your wedding night before sex.
# 4 Make early in the day. Whether you are a virgin or not, it may be more ideal to wait until after your oath. If you have a ceremony at noon, you can go back to bed until 2:00. ease.
This gives you a moment of privacy after the exchange of emotional oath. Even if I do not mention it, you can continue. You can also get a good buzz from your reception.
Worry about how it will affect the performance of your bedroom. Kazan / Kazan. 
# 5 Bring the basics. Staying in a hotel does not mean that you should not take your basic elements of sex. If your wife can only survive when she uses a vibrator on her clitoris, bring her in! If you use toys, lubricants, fantasies, handcuffs or other sexual aids, make sure you plan ahead and take your naughty picnic basket with you.
# 6 Preparation Previously. Wedding night sex includes everything that is possible and includes shaving his legs. Set full body wax or reduce these bars because it is a night for romance night.
You may want to pre wash or wet wipes for a quick cleaning in advance. Knowing that you are tired, waxed, tanned and smelled really good will help you feel more comfortable writing later.
# 7 Remember, this is a special occasion. This is not a competition to see who could cross the finish line first. This is the sex of your wedding night. Old and new curious friends will wonder how you had sex on your wedding night. Don’t be the answerer: “It’s even worse than I thought.”
Even if you’ve had sex for years, you shouldn’t see the wedding night’s gender as another journey to the merry-go-round. Make this night special. As a husband and wife, you go out to explore each other. This experience should build your sexual relationships in the years to come, so it should be a good experience.
# 8 Accept that you won’t. The wedding night’s gender is not what you think it would be. It doesn’t have to be surprising, it doesn’t have to be disturbing, and in fact … it never has to be. Don’t worry, you’re already married! You have a lot of time to get wet in the sheets tomorrow. And the next day. And the day after that.

12 Signs of True LOVE in a Relationship.

Do you see these 12 signs of true love in your own relationship?

  • True love is not felt in a heartbeat or second glance.
  • It takes time to get the real love shape.
  • And in contrast to popular belief, love at first sight is not love at all.
  • In fact, love at first sight is just madness.
  • A powerful wave of romantic and sexual emotions that memorizes you.
Before you ask what true love is and what its symptoms are, you must understand that it is very important to stop things in a relationship if you want to succeed.
When you start dating someone or fall in love with someone at first sight, what you experience is not so sweet.
Even if you feel crazy in love, you’re not really.
You’ve just experienced the first stage of love, a small role in the stages of love known as a madness.
Then what is true love?
This is the kind of love that most of us seek, but few people find it or find it until it’s too late. So, what is true love really?
True love is the kind of love and affection you have for someone who is not subject to the laws of human behavior. Human behavior is simple to understand. When someone hurts you, you get angry with them. When someone is lucky or gets a better job, he becomes jealous of them. And when someone breaks your ego or humiliates you, you want your revenge. This is human behavior, because these traits are engraved inside us.
But when you experience true love with someone, your primary instincts and behavior only change towards this person. True love transcends typical human behavior. It makes you a better human being towards a special person.
When do you experience true love?
Love takes time to blossom. What you experience in the first year or so of a relationship is infatuation and sexual attraction.
When the outbursts of falling in love begin to fade with the first arguments and the first misunderstandings, it is when love begins to enter the scene. And this is where most couples begin to fade emotionally, or even end up breaking because of incompatibilities.
If you are in a relationship where you both really understand and feel compatible, and most importantly, love each other, you are probably already experiencing true love.
Experience true love in your life.
Is true love a unique experience in life? Not really. You can experience them many times, and with many people at the same time. You can experience true love with your spouse or your lover, your children and any other person with whom you are attached to your life.
But true love can also disappear with time. For most of us, our first love is the first time we would have experienced the purest form of true love. We are not afraid to let this special person enter our hearts and we are not afraid to experience the anguish because we still do not know how the anguish feels. We are intrepid in love and we love passionately with all our heart.
But when the first romance dies, the true love we have for our first wife, even if there are years and a few new relationships, will eventually disappear. And as we build more relationships, most of us are divided into two groups. The true romantic believes in love, and the other believes that true love does not exist. The type of relationships you have in your life can play an important role in understanding your true love and your expectations.
And if you’re wondering if true love and romantic love are the same, in reality we’re always actually associated with romantic love, but not actually. True love is love in its purest form, and romantic love needs sexual attraction to survive.
True love must be experienced in a natural and sincere way. It doesn’t matter how much you try, you can’t emulate real love. If a pair cannot pass the compatibility test at the compatibility stage, it is very difficult for both to experience true love.
On the other hand, if the two sides can understand each other and communicate with each other, they begin to love each other’s company and become inseparable. And finally, this bond will be a pure and indifferent love that we call true love.
A perfect romance in real sign of love 12.
It may be difficult to define true love, but the signs given to read true love are clearly visible in every perfect love relationship.
If you’re in a relationship and want to know if you’re experiencing the purest form of love, discover these 12 signs of true love for yourself.
# 1 Give it and fall in love. You give your relationship, heartily, without the desire or expectation to receive something in return for your partner to justify your actions.
# 2 Pure happiness Just seeing the smile or the smile of this special person fills you with intense happiness, even if you suffer or have a difficult day.
# 3 Pain and anger. You are very hurt when your boyfriend makes you sad, but his actions never bother you. From time to time, you may be upset or upset at once, but you can not be angry with them for a long time because being angry or silent gives you more pain.
# 4 Sacrifices. Even if you never realize, you make sacrifices for their happiness or goodness.
# 5 The right effort. You spend a lot of effort and effort to improve your relationship, play a conscious role to please your partner and make them feel special and feel special.
# 6 You can never harm them. When you’re really in love with someone, you can not even dream of hurting them emotionally or physically. Reimbursement is a strong human instinct, but true love does not make you completely selfish.
# 7 You keep your promises. When he makes a promise to you, he will remain true to his word, even if this person will never know if he has kept his words. When you experience true love, your moral conscience becomes stronger when it comes to this special person.
# 8 Us. In a perfect relationship, it is good to have your own space to grow as an individual. But at the same time, if you really love your spouse, you see them as part of your life. When you think about your future, you can not avoid seeing them with you.
# 9 You share your charges. Even if you do not have to. You can not bear to see this particular person suffer. If you are dealing with a problem, you will always want to help them out, even if you have difficulty dealing.
# 10 Pride and jealousy. Even if it’s the same as you failed, you’ll be proud when they get something. You can be jealous of a friend who transcends you, but when you love someone, jealousy can never enter the scene.
# 11 Suffering. You are willing to suffer to see them happy.
# 12 viewing angles. Everything you do, keep your lover in your mind and think from your own perspective, like planning a surprise party or hanging out with your friends after work. You will never want to hurt your beloved, so you will always think with your own perspective before making any decision related to them.
Do you live true love?
Do not worry if you are in a relationship and you are not having these real signs of love. Perhaps their relationship has not reached the state of emotional maturity, which exceeds the physical attractiveness or the stage of influence.
Take your time and try the waters. You can not fall in love with someone forcing you to have sex. If not, try to understand yourself better. And if nothing you do can return happiness to love, maybe the two of you would be better off with other people.
But at the same time, if both are happy in their relationship, do not try to change anything about it. Sometimes it takes time for disinterested and unconditional love to occur. Remember, unless both are ready, they can not get into the next stage.
While you are happy and understood by your partner and by others, you are already experiencing perfect love!

Sexual Dysfunction Home Remedies

Diet and Home Remedies

Home, lifestyle and home remedies can help prevent or treat erectile dysfunction (ED).
There are more natural ways to help erectile dysfunction if you want to avoid medications, instruments, or surgeries.
Increasing your level of activity and changing what you eat can make a difference. Some men can also try alternative treatments for ED or at home.
It is important to discuss your plans with your doctor before attempting a natural or alternative approach.
Diet and food related to reducing the risk of erectile dysfunction.
Researchers in the Massachusetts Men’s Aging Study found that what you eat could reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction.
The following foods are associated with low risk:
  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Fish
Other research has shown that special foods such as dark chocolate, pistachios, watermelon, pink grapefruit and tomatoes can help relieve symptoms.
In addition, it is more likely to develop ED in males with chronic B12 vitamins that consume more processed meat and refined grains.
Exercise and risk of erectile dysfunction.
Recent research has shown that the exercise of moderate to severe aerobic physical activity can reduce the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.
The simple walk can be a good activity to try. According to one study, 30 minutes of walking a day was associated with a 41% decrease in the risk of ED.
But the benefits of exercise may be less important in men with heart disease or other underlying medical conditions.
Talk with your doctor about the amount of physical activity you should incorporate into your daily and weekly routine.
Erectile Dysfunction and Counseling.
Consulting a psychologist or other mental health professional can help improve your symptoms. You may want to take your partner to counseling sessions to discuss ways to encourage others. If you do not know where to start looking for advice, consult your doctor or urologist.
Alternative supplements
Some men take supplements or try other forms of alternative medicine to treat their dysfunction problem.
Check with your doctor before taking any supplement. Some products can be dangerous, especially if you have other medical problems or if you take certain medications.
Beware of products labeled as “Herbal Viagra”
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued warnings for certain products labeled “Herbal Viagra.” These products are not identical to the prescription medication called Viagra (whose active ingredient is sildenafil). You should know that many of these supplements can cause unwanted side effects and have not proven effective.
Some common supplements for erectile dysfunction include:
  • Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA)
  • L-arginine
  • ginseng
  • Propionyl L-carnitine
  • Yohimbe
  • ginkgo
  • Goat grass in heat (Epimedium)
  • zinc
Acupuncture and Erectile Dysfunction.
Some men report an improvement in erectile dysfunction symptoms after having acupuncture. This form of ancient medicine involves the use of small needles to stimulate certain points of the body. While the results of the study are mixed as to whether acupuncture actually works for DU, treatment is considered safe and can help you feel better overall.
Lifestyle and Home Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction
Some common lifestyles and home remedies for erectile dysfunction include:
Quit Smoking Smoking is a risk factor for erectile dysfunction. Quitting smoking can improve your overall health and reduce the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Ask your doctor how to stop smoking.
Losing weight Being overweight or obese can cause erectile dysfunction. In fact, a man with a height of 42 inches is 50% more likely to develop a DE than a man with a height of 32 inches. Healthy eating and sufficient physical activity can help you keep your weight under control.
Perform pelvic floor exercises Movements to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles can help reduce the symptoms of urinary incontinence. Some men also report improvements in erectile dysfunction.
Adopt a healthy sleep schedule Some research has shown that sleep patterns can affect testosterone levels in men. Proper rest and a regular sleep schedule can improve your overall sexual health.
Get help for addictions or alcoholism The use of illicit drugs or excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to erectile dysfunction and other health problems. Quitting smoking can be difficult, but your symptoms are likely to improve.
Change or decrease the dose of your medications If you have some medications that cause your symptoms, ask your doctor to reduce your dose or try another medication to improve your condition.
Practicing good oral hygiene Some research has shown that gum infections (known as gingivitis) can be related to erection problems. Be sure to brush your teeth and floss every day. Also check with your dentist about professional cleaning at least once a year or whenever you are concerned about the health of your gums.
Reduce stress levels Stress is a known risk factor for erectile dysfunction. Activities to reduce stress, such as yoga, meditation or breathing, can also help your ED.
Find support when you have erectile dysfunction.
Finding a good support system is the key to overcoming the problems of erectile dysfunction. Talking with your partner can be a good starting point.
A qualified professional can help you overcome the many psychological effects of erectile dysfunction.
Sometimes, written communication of your difficulties can be an effective way to cope. Several online support groups are available for men with erectile dysfunction.

Best Ways to Have Orgasms More Easily

If you are able to achieve orgasm, it is really fantastic in itself. But if you’re just an incredibly busy person trying to speed things up a bit, you’re lucky: “The more you know about your body’s reactions, the more you will be a follower of your Ex. The best tactics for FAST orgasm, whether it’s Use individually or together, they will help you achieve it in record time.
To accelerate your orgasms with your partner, start giving yourself a little more time. Pay attention to your body and mind just before the climax, the place where you touch, the pressure exerted, the tense muscles, says sex educator Dorian Solot, co-author of I Love Female Orgasm. Then recreate these same movements during sex for a faster orgasm.
It is also important to cultivate an exciting environment. “Every woman is unique in what she needs to feel and stay in a sexual mood,” said Susan Crain Bakos, author of The Orgasm Bible. “It could be candle music and soft music, deep breathing or even pornography in the background.” Then, determine what environment suits you, then set the tone before you start having sex.
One of the ways to reach the climax faster with your partner is to prepare yourself before you even see them. “Generating enthusiasm throughout the day will keep him in a state of greater emotion,” Fulbright said. Fantasy about what you will do that night, visualizing every detail. “Your body reacts more quickly to stimulation if you are mentally enlightened,” says Bakos.
Speaking of stimulation, masturbating on the edge of the abyss, but not allowing it to end, he makes sure to be excited by the emotion before reading it completely. When you touch the sheets, “your body will quickly recover the level of accumulation that you have already reached, and your interlocutor can finish quickly,” said Solot.
The top woman is probably the easiest position to release yourself, because you control angle, depth and speed, and you can easily touch it. To achieve clitoral stimulation, it grinds against the pubic bone. Changing the movement can increase the heat faster. . Turn your hips up and down, şekil says Bakos. “You’il make fun of your clitoris every time”.
“Doggy style is another fast orgasm posture,” says Fulbright. Your partner is at an angle to penetrate you deeply. Also, if you feel self-conscious during sexual intercourse, moving away from your child helps to adjust your nerves.
To increase the bet, press the PC (contracted muscles to stop the flow of urine), no matter what position you are in. “This flexion of the muscles creates a more intense friction that helps you build a more intense and stronger orgasm by pulling the clitoris and the vagina,” says Bakos.
It is very important to focus on the most important erogenous zones, but perform multiple tasks to reach the high note faster. Fulbright, “To simulate more than one point at a time, you can increase your total enthusiasm that can force you more quickly,” he says. For example, when attacking you, put two fingers and ask them to Örneğin come here Örneğin. Or reverse the reverse cowgirl. While you can touch your clitoris, you will have the posterior wall of the vagina. Worship her everywhere: breasts, inner thighs, neck and so on. Friction increases the inductive feeling of orgasm.
This is the best! Adding a spoonful of lubricant significantly reduces painful friction.
This is a simple math: vibrators offer more hits per second. If you’re concerned about your partner’s ego, try sliding a finger on your households and replacing it with a finger that improves manual movements.

Should you Urinate Before or After Sex? An expert explains once and for all.

Sex folklore says that homeless people should urinate thoroughly after intercourse if they want to avoid urinary tract infections.
The basic intuition, meanwhile, says that we should probably pee first, if we do not want to feel uncomfortable and distracted.
But mother nature calls when she calls. And if we could control the weather better, things like long car trips and airplane window seats would probably be less bothersome and would be a bladder problem. However, we are there.
In any case, most of the discussion about toilets in the bathroom before or after sex focuses on preventing urinary tract infections, which occur when foreign bacteria enter the urethra and ascend to the urinary tract. until A to the bladder and / or kidneys.
The penetration of sex can cause the penis to push the bacteria into the urethra, hence the concern. In addition, according to a study conducted in 2017 by the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, a particular strain of vaginal bacteria (Gardnerella vaginalis) could cause recurrent urinary tract infections by reporting latent E. coli infections in past infections).
The famous trip to the bathroom. Peeing eliminates the urinary tract, eliminates some of these bacteria before it can reach the bladder and proliferate like crazy, which helps some women avoid urinary tract infections. It is for this reason that he has probably been in the bathroom before and after intercourse throughout his sexual history. But is it really essential?
According to Dr. Sarah Horvath, gynecologist in Philadelphia, it is probably not medically necessary to urinate directly before intercourse. In addition, Dr. Horvath told Women’s Health that most women do not need to insist too much on urinating after having sex unless they are prone to UTI.
However, people who are often infected with a UTI should emphasize the importance of adopting good sexual health practices: make sure your partner is clean (with respect to STIs and hygiene) wash your hands frequently and use condoms with new partners.
You also need to stay hydrated: this allows fluids to circulate through the urinary tract and helps eliminate bacteria, says Dr. Horvath.
Dr. Mary Jane Minkin, clinical professor of obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive sciences at Yale University, agrees. “Although I always encourage my patients to [urinate] before and after sex, there really is not much scientific information to support the habits,” she told Women’s Health. “I encourage all my patients to stay well hydrated and [urinate] frequently.”
If you usually have urinary tract infections, Minkin recommends that you consult a healthcare provider and include cranberry juice in your daily diet. If you have too much sugar, try the pomegranate extract pills found in health stores.
Or Cranberries prevent bacteria from sticking and entering the bladder walls, “he says.
“But what if I have to go?” Maybe you’re wondering, or “Should I break the moment of the post-congregation that has taken me out of bed to free my bladder?” According to Horvath, nothing is urgent. When you need the bathroom.
Urinary care can increase your chances of urinary tract infection or bladder infection. I mean, even if it makes romance easy, you need to go.

How to Kiss !

If you go to this page and try to find a kiss for New Year’s Eve, let me tell you that this is simple: explain your needs. Tell everyone in the room: I want you to kiss me. There is no time for your intentions to align better with the quality of the event than the last second of the last minute of a year. Nobody will blame you on December 31st. Someone usually goes out. A night that wants to be lucky.
But if I was determined to know how to kiss on this page, let me reward it at the heart of Google if I think I’m going to do a four-step training guide in general. I’m not saying all the kisses are great, or all the damn ones know what they’re doing. However, these rules will help you. Over time, the mastery and its numerous awards arrive.

1. Make sure you have lips. Using them

Maybe you think everyone is doing it. But I only knew a special kind of tooth kiss, teeth to teeth. And then, of course, the language that is not a real feeling in this case. This kiss was thinner and harder, and I felt like I was looking for some kind of congestion in the jaw of science fiction under the lantern. Without lip, without mutual concessions. A kiss requires surrender, yes. But there must also be a resistance. Lips for that.

2. Touch, do not take it.

Use your hands slowly. Sometimes, when he kisses me, his hand rests on the edge of my face. I like that or run his fingers around my neck. Very nice or close mine. This is not a distraction and not a preliminary preparation. Not all the time It’s the size Many things pass between your hands, your fingers. Hands open things.

3. Do not steal kisses. Ask them.

Just do not do it with words. Of course, there is a permission, but not a verbal contract, a kiss. Many people will tell you that you are polite to ask. Maybe if he wants. Other situations only allow you to take your picture. I hope you know the difference.

4. Be solid.

I kissed a woman who once said that those who were happy to kiss me were hanging on their shoulders. He liked the effects of force. That’s the only thing I can tell you about it.
I think you can not do anything until you kiss properly. You can not eat food, words you can not say, constellations you can not say. Sexually, you will not know who is back. I’m not even sure you can drive a car if you do not know what it’s like to kiss. So be it. Fortunately for you, the only authority you really need to consult is that you have stuck to your lips. When you do, they say you know someone may want to listen to your lessons.

First Night Sex Tips.

You and your beloved will share a moment together and want your first night to be intimate and memorable. Getting into sex as soon as you are alone in the room is not the solution. You need a lot of confidence and a little first night advice before offering something to someone. These first night sex tips will help you get in the mood.
  • Flirting with your partner is very important to define the mood.
  • Do not reject the idea and let the night continue.
  • Decorate the room with flowers and candles that still work.
  • Have a loving conversation before moving on.

Flirting with each other

If you want your first night to be exciting and not an uncomfortable experience, try flirting with your wife all day. Steal small kisses, make eye contact and congratulate yourself. This will set the mood for the night. Take time for the verbal preliminaries once, they are together. These tips for a sexy first night at home for both and to make love will feel like a natural progression.

Don’t push yourself over the limit

It’s your first night we’re talking about and not just a task you have to accomplish! Follow this advice from the first night and try to do it slowly and smoothly! Let your partner filter into the nightlife and then see the sparks flying!

Discuss your day

These first night’s tips are perfect for most couples who have trouble getting started. We can understand the anxiety and the desire to make love the first night. However, if you jump into the bag and wait for your partner to return the favor, you may be surprised. Regardless of sex, most people are scared, worried, anxious and nervous about their first night. We suggest you start with a dialogue. Talking to others will relax both of you.

Wear Something Special

Nothing works better than falling into something attractive to visually awaken your partner and this applies to both men and women! Your partner will feel special and excited and the magic will work. However, remember that you must have confidence in what you wear for your first night lean to be a success, since you do not want to be drawn into the ring while you were trying to be unpleasant with your special someone!

Set the Mood

Be proactive and create the atmosphere of your special night. Play romantic music, light some candles and cover the bed with rose petals. Be yourself and let love take over. Be fair to yourself and your partner and make sure that your first night is a precursor to many other wonderful nights in the future!

First Wedding Night

The best part of your wedding begins with the guests who go to your house and who escapes both of your fancy wedding dresses. All you want, the night of your wedding is to be alone together. The night is special, since it is the first, and the expectations are high. But too many expectations can be a burden. What can be done to “seduce” your partner?

Wear at the threshold

We guarantee that it will be scanned. An ancient Roman tradition ensures good luck to couples and is a pleasure for both partners. After your space in the small and private where you will spend the night together, start by a foot massage with each other, because you stayed all day. Foot massages are sensual and can allow it to move as quickly or slowly as you wish.

Set the Scene

The first wedding night should be the most beautiful power of your life. To make it special, you must set the scene so romantic that your partner feels loved and desired. Create a romantic glow with red and blue light bulbs at night. In fact, opt for candles; nothing is better than a faint candlelight perfumed in a dark room. They fill the romance in the air and create the mood. You can ask your wedding planner or hotel management to organize it. P. Do not forget to decorate the room with many flowers.

Make your own wishes of the first night.

Painting together a positive image of your future helps reduce the pressure and creates a sense of belonging. Write your vows as follows: “We will love each other, we will help each other, we will believe each other throughout life,” say: “We will understand each other and forgive each other all the time.” This will allow you to create an association that is not only mental, physical or spiritual, but also sexual.

Prepare your body for sex

The list of wedding tips the first night can not be complete without this point. Your body must be prepared for the sexual pleasure you will experience on your first night. This is especially true for women because having sex for the first time can be painful for them. To minimize this pain, they could talk with their partner and opt for slow sexual movements. They will also need to be mentally prepared to be patient with the pain that makes love and can use a lubricant to help the couple to enter more easily. Plan in advance what you can do on the wedding night and keep the preliminaries until you are comfortable and ready.

With these tips for the first night, it may be the most wonderful night for you and your best half.

What is the Normal Menstrual cycle?

The sequence of events occurring during the typical menstrual cycle is summarized.

What is a Menstruation?

Menstruation is the monthly separation of a woman’s uterus (also called uterus). Menstruation is also known in terms of menstrual period, cycle or duration. The menstrual blood, partly and partly in the uterus, flows from the uterus through the vagina.

What is the normal menstrual cycle?

The menstrual cycle is a term used to describe the sequence of events that occur in a woman’s body while preparing for the possibility of pregnancy each month. It is considered that a menstrual cycle begins on the first day of a period. The average cycle lasts 28 days; However, the duration of a cycle can vary from 21 days to approximately 35 days.
The stages of the menstrual cycle are caused by the increase and fall of chemicals in the body called hormones. The pituitary gland in the brain and ovaries in the female reproductive tract produce and release certain hormones at certain times of the menstrual cycle, resulting in a reaction of the reproductive organs in some way.
The specific events that occur during the menstrual cycle can be described as follows:
  • The menstrual phase: this phase, which usually lasts from day 1 to day 5, corresponds to the moment when the lining of the uterus is evacuated through the vagina if a pregnancy has not occurred. Most women bleed for 3 to 5 days, but a period of only 2 to 7 days is still considered normal.
  • The follicular phase: This phase is usually carried out from day 6 to 14. Meanwhile, the level of the estrogen hormone increases, causing the growth and thickening of the lining of the uterus (called the endometrium). In addition, another hormone, the hormone that stimulates the follicles, causes the follicles to grow in the ovaries. On days 10 to 14, one of the developing follicles will form a fully mature egg (ovule).
  • Ovulation: This phase occurs approximately on day 14 of the 28-day menstrual cycle. A sudden increase in another hormone, luteinizing hormone, causes the ovary to release the egg. This event is called ovulation.
  • The luteal phase: This phase lasts from the fifteenth to the twenty-eighth day. Once the ovum leaves the ovary, it begins to cross the fallopian tubes and goes to the uterus. The level of the hormone progesterone increases to help prepare the uterine lining for pregnancy. If the egg is fertilized by a sperm and attaches to the uterine wall, the woman becomes pregnant. In the absence of pregnancy, the levels of estrogen and progesterone decrease and the thickened lining of the uterus disappears during the menstrual period.

At what age does menstruation begin?

Girls start menstruating at the average age of 12 years old. However, girls can start menstruating from age 8 or up to 16 years old. Women stop menstruating during menopause, which occurs around the age of 51. At menopause, a woman stops producing eggs (stops ovulating). Menopause is defined as a year without menstruation and after this period, a woman can no longer get pregnant.
What are some of the symptoms of normal menstruation?
  • Bad mood
  • Sleep problems
  • Cravings
  • Cramps in the lower abdomen and in the back
  • Swelling
  • Tenderness in the breasts.
  • Acne
What symptoms may indicate the need to contact my doctor about my period?
Contact your doctor or health care provider if:
• You did not start your period at 16 years old.
• Your period stops suddenly
• You bleed more days than usual
• you are bleeding more than normal
• you have severe pain during your periods
• you bleed between the rules
• You suddenly feel sick after using tampons
• you think you are pregnant: for example, you have had sex and your periods are at least five days late
• Your period has not returned within two months after stopping birth control pills and you know you are not         pregnant.
• Do you have questions or concerns about your period or possible pregnancy?

The Best Natural Cough Remedies

In general, the cough is completely normal. A cough can help keep your throat free of mucus and other irritants. However, a prolonged cough may also be a symptom of many conditions, such as an allergy, a viral infection or a bacterial infection.
Sometimes, the cough is not due to anything related to the lungs. Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) can also cause coughing.
It can treat coughs caused by colds, allergies and frontal cavity infections with various over-the-counter medications. Bacterial infections require antibiotics. For those who prefer to avoid chemicals, we have listed a number of home remedies that can help.

1. Honey
Honey is a traditional remedy for sore throats. According to one study, it could also relieve cough more effectively than over-the-counter medications containing dextromethorphan (DM), a cough suppressant.

You can make your own home remedy by mixing up to 2 teaspoons of honey with herbal tea or warm water and lemon. Honey is soothing, while lemon juice can help with congestion. You can also simply eat honey by spoon or sprinkle on bread as a snack.

2. Probiotics

Probiotics are micro-organisms that can offer many health benefits. Although they do not directly relieve coughing, they help maintain the balance of the gastrointestinal flora. The gastrointestinal flora is the bacterium that lives in your intestines.
This balance can support the function of the immune system throughout the body. Evidence also suggests that Lactobacillus, a bacterium present in dairy products, can reduce the risk of colds or flu and sensitivity to certain allergens, such as pollen.
Enriched milk is an excellent source of lactobacilli. But be careful because dairy products can make the mucus swell. You can also buy probiotic supplements at most health food stores and pharmacies. Each supplement manufacturer may have different recommended daily doses. Probiotics are also added to some types of yogurt and are found in miso soup and sourdough bread.

3. Bromelain

Usually, do not think of pineapple as a cough remedy, but it’s probably because you’ve never heard of bromelain. There are indications that bromelain, an enzyme found only in the stem and in pineapple fruit, can help suppress coughs and reduce mucus in the throat. To get the most out of the benefits of pineapple and bromelain, eat a piece of pineapple or drink juice from three fresh pineapples three times a day.
Some also claim that it can help relieve sinusitis and sinus deficits due to allergies, which can contribute to coughs and mucus. However, there is not enough evidence to support that. It is also sometimes used to treat inflammation and swelling.
Children or adults on anticoagulants should not take bromelain supplements. Also be careful with bromelain if you also use antibiotics, such as amoxicillin, as this may increase the absorption of the antibiotic. Always consult your doctor before using new or unknown supplements.

4. Mint

Mint leaves are known for their healing properties. Mint mint soothes the throat and acts as a decongestant, which helps break down mucus. You can enjoy it by drinking mint tea or inhaling the vapors of mint in a steam bath. To prepare a steam bath, add 3 or 4 drops of peppermint oil per 150 ml of hot water. Place a towel over your head and breathe deeply directly onto the water.

5. Marshmallow

Marshmallow is made from Althaea officinalis, a perennial that blooms in summer. The leaves and roots of the grass have been used since ancient times to treat sore throats and fight coughs. No well-controlled studies have been done to support these claims, but this plant is generally considered safe.
The marshmallow spice contains mucus that surrounds the throat and relieves irritation.
Nowadays, you can get marshmallow root in tea or capsule form. Hot tea can be soothing for a cough with a sore throat. Marshmallow root is not recommended for children.

6. Thyme

Thyme is used by some people to cure respiratory diseases. One study suggests that the essence extracted from thyme leaves mixed with ivy can help relieve coughs and bronchitis in the short term. The leaves contain compounds called flavonoids that relax the throat muscles involved in coughing and reduce inflammation.
You can make thyme tea at home with 2 teaspoons of crushed thyme leaves and 1 cup of boiling water. Cover the cup, stand for 10 minutes and strain.

7. Salt and water gargle.

Although the remedy seems relatively simple, a gargle of salt and water can help ease the sore throat that causes coughing. Mix 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of salt with 8 ounces of warm water can help relieve irritation.
Remember that children under 6 are not very good at gargling. It is best to try other remedies for this age group.

How to Prevent Cough

In addition to learning to control your cough, you may want to learn how to avoid it. To avoid influenza, you should usually get an annual flu vaccine starting in October. Other steps to follow are:
Avoid contact with other sick people. If you know that you are ill, avoid going to work or school not to pollute others.
Close your nose and mouth every time you cough or sneeze.
Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated.
Regularly clean the common areas of your home, work or school. This is especially true for accountants, toys or mobile phones.
Wash hands frequently, especially after coughing, eating, using the toilet or treating someone who is ill.
With allergies, you can reduce relapse by identifying allergens that affect you and avoid exposure. The most common allergens are tree, pollen, mite, animal hair, fungi and insects. Allergy shots are also useful and can reduce your sensitivity to allergens. Discuss with your doctor what the best plan is.
When should you call your doctor?
If you cough or spit blood, seek medical attention. Respiratory tract infections, unlike allergies, include body pain and fever.
In addition to your cough, consult your doctor if you have the following symptoms:
  1. Chills
  2. Dehydration
  3. Fever higher than 101˚F (38˚C)
  4. Malaise, or a general feeling of being unwell
  5. Productive cough that has foul-smelling, thick, green- or yellow-tinted phlegm

Home Remedies to Cure Acidity.

Acidity or acid reflux is a common condition. At one time or another in our lives, we all suffer from acid problems. Acidity occurs when there is an excessive secretion of acid from the stomach glands, causing heartburn and stomach pain. Very few people realize that unhealthy lifestyle choices are the main cause of this disease. The acidity may be due to a long period between meals, on an empty stomach, excessive consumption of tea or coffee or excessive consumption of fats and spicy foods.
Although there are many types of medications available to treat heartburn, you can choose simple home remedies to lose gas and heartburn. Keep reading to know them.


The best known as Tulsi is an effective way to treat heartburn. The medicinal properties of basil are also recommended in Ayurveda. Several experts suggest that they chew fresh basil leaves before each meal to prevent stomach indigestion.


Mint leaves are also considered a popular natural remedy for acids. You can chew some mint leaves on an empty stomach for a month to completely lose the acidity. You can also drink mint juice after a hearty meal. This will favor digestion.

Coconut water

Coconut is widely recognized for its medicinal qualities that cure many diseases. Drinking an empty stomach with coconut water helps fight regular heartburn. You can also prepare a mixture with coconut water and fresh peeled cucumber in a food processor. Drinking this mixture after 15-20 minutes of the meal is considered very useful.

Orange Juice with Cumin Seeds

Drink a glass of fresh orange juice and add the toasted cumin seeds. Drink this juice after the first signs of acidification to get relief quickly. You can continue for seven days to obtain long-term benefits.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one of the quickest and easiest ways to prevent heartburn. Take 2-3 tablespoons of vinegar in a glass of water and drink it for quick relief.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is another very effective remedy for gases and acids. Add two or three tablespoons of lemon juice to a glass of water, preferably hot and drink before eating a large meal. Repeat this twice a day.


Ginger is another useful herb that has digestive and anti-inflammatory properties that can neutralize stomach acids. You can chew a slice of ginger or boil it in water to consume it.


Cinnamon has natural healing properties. Contains antacids that help reduce the acid reaction. It can be consumed with tea or simply with warm water.
Try these remedies at home to avoid the possible side effects of using regular medications for gas and heartburn. But do not forget to consult a doctor if you suffer from acidification for a long time.

Beauty Tips for Beautiful Skin and Hair.

Could your skin be clearer and softer than it is? Could your hair be more silky, strong and bulky? All this without having to spend thousands of rupees, is your living room the closest living room? Yes absolutely! I know hundreds of young women who are looking for desperate solutions for their skin and hair problems and I hope that you raise my magic wand to solve your problems overnight and transform them. I would like to please him, but the truth is that nature does not flourish overnight. The smallest seed of a plant must also be planted, maintained and maintained before it can bloom and show its full splendor. Although we live in a world of “instants” or instantaneous options, some things can not be manipulated.
As the holidays approach: Durga Puja, Karvachauth, Diwali and countless festivals and festivities, the skin and hair must be healthy and impressive. In this article, I mentioned some INSTA recipes (both magical and natural) that work and give fabulous results to the skin and hair of dead hair. So wake up and absorb these spells in your festive look. For opaque, greasy and mixed skin.
Massage the skin with frozen yogurt and sprinkle with sugar. Now take the orange halves and rub gently until the granules melt. Wash your face with ice water and see the difference.
2. For dull, tired and dry skin.
Massage the skin with papaya. Then make an exfoliant by mixing oats and honey with a little cold milk and rub the skin. Wash with ice milk and water and dry.
Papaya skin
3. Suffering from frizzy hair?
Try this simple spray, fast and easy to do. Take two slices of lemons and simmer in two cups of water until it is reduced by half. Pour the liquid into a spray bottle and spray it over your hair. Not only will there be a wonderful natural glow, but static and flying hair will disappear!
4. For the Natural Color of the Hair.
If you have a brown tint in your hair and do not have time to paint with henna, take some rosemary on the kitchen shelf and fry with 2 glasses of water in 2 glasses of water. The mixture is black until reduced. for half of the amount. Use this mixture, mix with 1/4 cup shampoo and use shampoo each time. Leave the shampoo on your hair for about 15 minutes and see the difference.
Tea for beautiful hair
5. For a smooth back.
Do you plan on wearing a particular blouse, backpack or cold dress, but don’t you have time to let your body leave scrubbing back? Here is a quick treatment at home. Take 1 cup of sea salt and mix with half a cup of olive oil. Add 5 drops of sandalwood oil and mix well. Store in a jar and rub the parts of your body that you want to exhibit. Wipe with a damp towel.
6. Treatment of bags under eyes and eyes.
Buy tea bags with daisies and store them in the freezer. Grate half a cucumber and massage to the eye area, then lie with tea bags for 10 minutes. You will see an instant difference in the look and feel of the eyes.
7. Instant survey
Wash your face with iced water or rub a few teaspoons of honey on your face and rub the ovules and cover them. Eat an egg whites until they reach the top, apply to the skin and allow to dry. You will feel tension in the skin. Wash your face with ice water.
Egg whites for beautiful skin.
8. Tired eyes?
Long hours of work, shopping and organizing holidays can be exhausting. I suggest you perform this wonderful eye wash that will give you an immediate sense of freshness. Take the spring water in a bowl and add a few drops of rose water, 2-3 drops of honey and soak in the water. You can also open the eye and close it. Discard the liquid and make the same water for the other eye and repeat the process. After that, splash eyes with cold mineral water. There may be a slight blush for a while, but it will disappear soon and your eyes will feel renewed in minutes.
9. Fast Hair Care
Do not have time to wash your hair with shampoo and dry, even if they are fat? Well, there is no sweat. Sprinkle the talcum powder and amla powder on your hair brush and run the hair over the head and pass it from the nape to the tip.
These are just some of my secret beauty recipes “urges”. Use them and enjoy them, but never replace them with regular regimens for skin and hair care.
Fast hair care

How to Increase the size of the Penis at Home

The old saying says: size does not matter. But is it a lie or truth? When we talk about the size of the penis, it is mainly the length that we take to the point. In fact, most women boast about the circumference of their man’s penis, rather than length, as this provides more pleasure.
But in the male fraternity, the right to show off in the locker room corresponds to the man with the biggest penis. Nobody wants to be the little one because it’s a blow to self-esteem.
But unfortunately, there are men who are not satisfied with the size of their penis, they can follow home remedies, such as increasing the size of the penis faster. So, the question is how to make a big penis at home and how to increase the size of the penis?
What is penis stretching?
Stretching the penis involves using your hands or a device to increase the length or circumference of your penis.
Although some evidence suggests that stretching can increase your height, the results are usually minimal. In some cases, they can even be temporary.
Read on to learn more about penile stretching, establish realistic expectations and safe stretching techniques that you can try at home.
How does the penis stretch?
It is important to remember that most of the evidence about penile stretching is anecdotal.
Stretching exercises
Manual stretching exercises involve the use of the hand to massage the tissues along the penis. This is meant to stretch the skin and create “micro-tears” in the tissues. The tissues may appear congested during healing, which will lengthen the appearance of your penis.
Some exercises also aim to increase the circumference. Circumference exercises, such as jelqing, are also centered around tissue massage.
Consistency is essential to maintain any of these supposed effects.
Stretching devices
Although researchers have studied penis extension devices, their effectiveness is not yet known.
Take the penis pump, for example. A penis pump is a cylinder-shaped chamber filled with air that attaches to your pelvic area. It is known that they produce an immediate erection. Some anecdotes also state that consistent use can eventually increase the length of your penis.
Penis traction devices are also popular. The device pulls on your penis to change its curvature. Traction devices have been used to treat Peyronie’s disease, but more research is needed to determine its actual effectiveness.
What does the research say?
The research on penile stretching techniques is limited. None of the studies that have been conducted indicate that a technique is an effective way to permanently lengthen the penis. However, a temporary increase in size may be possible.
A study found that men who used the Andropenis stretching machine increased in size with prolonged daily use. The participants used the device six hours a day for four months. They gained between 1.8 and 3.1 cm (cm) in length.
There is much more research available for traction devices, but not necessarily to increase penis length:
How to stretch safely
There is no harm in trying stretching exercises. They can help you feel more comfortable with the size and appearance of your penis.
Stretching exercises
Before stretching manually:
  1. Do these exercises only when you are flaccid.
  2. Stop if the exercise causes pain or discomfort.
  3. Sit or stand against a wall or table while doing them.
  4. Do these exercises only once or twice a day to avoid injury.
  5. Talk to your doctor if you want to keep these exercises for longer or if you practice them more often.
  6. To manually stretch your penis:
Grab the head of your penis.
  • Pull your penis up, stretching it for about 10 seconds.
  • Pull your penis to the left for another 10 seconds, then to the right.
  • Repeat these steps once or twice a day for about 5 minutes.
Or try this:
  • Grab the head of your penis.
  • Pull your penis up.
  • Touch the area around the base of your penis at the same time.
  • Hold this position for about 10 seconds.
  • Repeat these steps with your penis to the left, applying pressure on the base of your penis on the right side.
  • Repeat these steps with your penis to the right applying pressure to the base of your penis on the left.
  • Repeat this exercise once a day for a maximum of 2 minutes.
For “jelq” your penis:
  1. Put your index finger and your thumb in an O shape.
  2. Place the O-shaped gesture at the base of your penis.
  3. Reduce the O until you exert a slight pressure on the shaft of your penis.
  4. Slowly move your finger and thumb towards the head of your penis to the tip. Reduce the pressure if it hurts.
  5. Repeat this once a day for about 20 to 30 minutes.
  6. Stretch with a device
To use a penis pump:
  1. Place your penis inside the room filled with air.
  2. Use the pump mechanism to extract air from the chamber. This attracts blood to your penis, making it erect.
  3. Place the included ring or clip on your penis to keep it straight for up to 30 minutes. It is safe to have sex or masturbate during this time.
Remove the ring.
To use a traction device:
  1. Insert your penis into the base of the device.
  2. Secure the head of your penis in the two notches at the opposite end.
  3. Place the silicone tube around the shaft of the penis.
  4. Grasp the ends of the silicone tube on the bottom of the device and slowly pull your penis outward. Stop firing if you start to feel bad or uncomfortable.
  5. Leave the penis in a stretched position for 4 to 6 hours a day.
  6. Potential risks and complications.
  7. Being too brutal with your penis can cause large tears in the tissues or damage the ligaments that connect your penis to your body. These injuries can affect your ability to obtain or maintain an erection.
When using a traction device, follow your doctor’s instructions about how long you should use it. Carrying it longer can cause injuries that affect the function of the penis.
After using a pump, do not allow blood to remain on your penis for more than 30 minutes. Having an erection for more than a few hours can permanently damage your penis.
Stretching exercises or devices can cause:
  1. Itching
  2. Bruising or minor discoloration
  3. Red spots along the shaft of the penis.
  4. Numbness
  5. Rupture of the vein
Consult your doctor if your symptoms last more than two days or are severe. Your doctor can evaluate your symptoms and advise you on the next steps.
When will I see results?
Your results will depend on the chosen approach and the consistency of its use.
Traction devices, for example, should be used daily, often several months at a time, to achieve visible effects.
Anecdotal reports suggest that using a penis pump can produce much faster results, but there is no research about it.
It is also not clear how long it will take to see the results of the manual stretching exercises.