How Many Times do you Have Sex to make a Baby?

To make a baby is a serious matter. While some couples seem to get pregnant at the first attempt, others may spend what you feel forever. However, according to a new survey, it takes a couple of times pregnant to get pregnant.
On average, couples have sex 78 times between when they decide to try and when they get a positive sign on the pregnancy test. These 78 times are spread over 158 days, about 6 months.
Interviewed 1,194 parents and found that most couples had sex 13 times a month when trying to conceive. Although it may seem 13 times more fun, there are aspirations to become parents. Eighteen percent of men and women said that sex while trying to conceive sometimes looked like a chore. Another 43% felt pressure to design and a fear of not being able to do it.
“Even if trying to conceive can be fun, it’s also hard work, stressful, and not all couples have the chance to conceive, so if you’re focused on the baby, also try to remember some of the others, “
Some people think that the design depends on your position. Most popular post was missionary (used by three quarters of couples), followed by Doggie (used by 36% of couples). Other couples think that pregnancy occurs on the basis of the woman’s cycle, half of them trying to delay sexual intercourse on fertile days and 39% improving their diet and taking more vitamins.
Once you have decided to start a family, waiting for your body to catch up can be frustrating. Fortunately, there are many tips, some of which may even make testing more fun.

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