How to Impress a Girl in Bed

4 Ways to Impress her in Bed.

When it comes to sex, some women like surprises (look, we’re in the video!) More than others. But no chicken can survive these fleshy curved balls.

Enjoy your taste

In many cases, the time it gives you thinks you should take it. “Many women are afraid to argue that men like to have oral sex to gain reciprocity,” he said. “Then, if you do it spontaneously and unexpectedly, send the message that you find irresistible.”
Of course, if you kiss your daughter’s neck and begin to descend, she will know what will follow. Instead, wait at least for your panties to reach south by pressing the edge in shock. An idea: start the day by waking up with an oral movement and a glass of orange juice.

Give Her Kudos

If the bag session is so quiet, the girl can hear the crickets in the background, and the cricket in the background. “Wow, is it so bad?” Then he is excited if you catch him with unexpected cocks or even “God, it’s great”. When you make a sound or rent it, you feel really happy, especially if you’re out of character, “says Spurr, M. He increases his confidence in his sexual skills and encourages him to start that good feeling at home. ‘to come up.”

Continue to Kiss

In the brutality of passion, it’s hard to remember simple things like your name. Another important aspect that often falls on the road is the blockage of the lips. “Sometimes men are so tired of what is happening under their belt that they stopped kissing during sex,” says Yvonne K. Fulbright, author of Hot Safer Hot Guide for Sex Ey. You must maintain this link to make yourself available. and inside. Sürdürmek While you’re away, take a moment to continue making love. Not only will you help speed up (blink, blink), but you’ll also be surprised if you’ve added something good.

You have a plan after the match

Of course, sex can be exhausting, so it’s round and straight … zzz. In fact, he is probably waiting. So you can imagine how shocked you would be after the incident and suggest you take a hot shower or share a bowl of ice cream. Den: He knows there is an effort for you, so thank you, said Fulbright. “Also, it’s a pleasure to change your normal sexual routine.”

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