How to Kiss !

If you go to this page and try to find a kiss for New Year’s Eve, let me tell you that this is simple: explain your needs. Tell everyone in the room: I want you to kiss me. There is no time for your intentions to align better with the quality of the event than the last second of the last minute of a year. Nobody will blame you on December 31st. Someone usually goes out. A night that wants to be lucky.
But if I was determined to know how to kiss on this page, let me reward it at the heart of Google if I think I’m going to do a four-step training guide in general. I’m not saying all the kisses are great, or all the damn ones know what they’re doing. However, these rules will help you. Over time, the mastery and its numerous awards arrive.

1. Make sure you have lips. Using them

Maybe you think everyone is doing it. But I only knew a special kind of tooth kiss, teeth to teeth. And then, of course, the language that is not a real feeling in this case. This kiss was thinner and harder, and I felt like I was looking for some kind of congestion in the jaw of science fiction under the lantern. Without lip, without mutual concessions. A kiss requires surrender, yes. But there must also be a resistance. Lips for that.

2. Touch, do not take it.

Use your hands slowly. Sometimes, when he kisses me, his hand rests on the edge of my face. I like that or run his fingers around my neck. Very nice or close mine. This is not a distraction and not a preliminary preparation. Not all the time It’s the size Many things pass between your hands, your fingers. Hands open things.

3. Do not steal kisses. Ask them.

Just do not do it with words. Of course, there is a permission, but not a verbal contract, a kiss. Many people will tell you that you are polite to ask. Maybe if he wants. Other situations only allow you to take your picture. I hope you know the difference.

4. Be solid.

I kissed a woman who once said that those who were happy to kiss me were hanging on their shoulders. He liked the effects of force. That’s the only thing I can tell you about it.
I think you can not do anything until you kiss properly. You can not eat food, words you can not say, constellations you can not say. Sexually, you will not know who is back. I’m not even sure you can drive a car if you do not know what it’s like to kiss. So be it. Fortunately for you, the only authority you really need to consult is that you have stuck to your lips. When you do, they say you know someone may want to listen to your lessons.