Tips for Glow your Skin this Winter

Winters bring many skin problems and dry, dry skin without moisture is a common problem in winter. Follow a proper Tips for Glow your Skin this Winter.
Wrapped in my comfy duvets, my thick scarf and my woven socks, I love having a cup of coffee with cocoa milk while I enjoy the warm winter sun. Oh, this winter in the air and this festive atmosphere make me love all the buzz that reigns.
But winters also bring their share of skin problems and it’s not fun for the skin. Dry, dry skin without moisture is a common problem this season. The reason your skin dries during winters is the cold, dry air that allows your skin to dry quickly, leaving it tense and scaly.
You are not even safe within the confines of your home, as water and heaters rob your skin of moisture. You should take better care of your skin during the winters because the season can crack or bleed, which only makes things worse for you.
It is very important to follow a proper skin care regimen during winters to protect your skin from these inclement weather.
1- Stop using soap immediately after drying, use a mild cleansing lotion or a cleansing cream instead. A very basic thing to do during this season is to moisturize your skin in the morning and before going to bed, restore it by sealing the water under the surface of the skin. You can also use a good night cream containing vitamin E because it is cream-based and keeps your skin moisturized. An important advice for moisturizers is to use a heavier moisturizer than the one you use in the summer.
2- Mix each tablespoon of cream with a few drops of glycerin, castor oil and rose water every night before going to bed. Mix well and apply on the entire face, neck and hands. Leave overnight and rinse with water and then rinse with cold water. These home remedies act as a protective barrier for the skin and moisturize.
3- The lips are a very painful part of the face in these harsh climates and they do not have their own sebaceous glands, which increases their damage. Apply a layer of petroleum jelly overnight and use a lip balm in the morning. Do not apply the lipstick on cracked lips, it will dry more.
4- You can also create your own facial mask at home. Take a banana, a spoonful of honey, a quarter teaspoon of cream or milk powder and two drops of sandalwood oil. Mix these ingredients well and apply them to the face. Rinse for 20 minutes and rinse with a moisturizer. Remember to use masks and products that contain alcohol or lotion as an astringent.
5- You can also try this homemade facial mask, try yogurt and cup, 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 tablespoon of milk powder and 2 tablets of yeast. Let stand for 10 minutes, then sprinkle with cold water. Do this once a week to get the best results.
6- Prepare your own facial oil with essential oils at home, take 1 teaspoon of almond, add 1 drop of jasmine oil and 1 drop of patchouli oil, mix well and massage your face for 15 minutes with this mixture. Clean and finally apply a moisturizer.
7- Try not to wash your face or wash your face at least half an hour before leaving it cold, so that the water that moistens your skin cracks when cold air hits you Another simple trick during the winters is to keep a water tank on the radiator of your room so that the ambient air stays moist.
In winter, give good results at home, crush the rose petals, mix them with butter and put them on your lips before going to bed. I keep it all night and in the morning, I get up for soft, smooth lips.

How To Impress a Girl !

One Secret They’re Not Telling You

Easy to impress a Girl.

It’s VERY easy, when you know what you’re doing …
And if you don’t impress women right now, it’s because you listen to advice that doesn’t catch the most important point.
There are many clues to impress a girl surfing the Internet.
Apparently, the way to impress a girl:
  • Get your flowers
  • Take him to expensive restaurants.
  • To brag about important people you know
  • Tell me stories about the exciting things you do.
  • Learn to be a good listener.
Have they worked for people in the past? Of course there is.
I’m sure someone took a girl to a flower or took her to an expensive restaurant.
Will they work for you?
No, why not.
Have you ever spent time with someone you can say you’ve done something to impress you?
Exaggerating stories, changing the way you talk, changing the way you act, just to impress …
He’s the one who needs help because he’s trying to impress you.
Did you find them impressive?
Did you even want to go out with them?
No, I didn’t.
Now, give it back.
Imagine the most impressive people you know.
Who would go out and just say, “Wow …”?
Are they just doing things to impress you?
Are they changing the way they behave, or are they just trying to change your thoughts about them?
No, they do what they want, they do what they want because they want to do it.
They don’t care what changes people’s thoughts about themselves because they care or care about influencing people.
The reason why none of these clues about how a girl will be affected is that you try to impress the girl.
You trust him to feel needy, sticky, and good.
You make it feel like it was when someone was trying to impress you.
Is that what you want to do?
When someone tries to impress you, do you want him to feel the same rejection as you?
Trying to impress her is what keeps you from affecting her.
Here is the secret of impressing a girl – stop trying to impress her.
Do not try to change your thoughts to make yourself feel good.
Stop needing it, and stick it as you try to cheat him so he can be touched by you.
Learning tips to impress her will not solve the fact that you will not affect her.
It’s not going to solve the problem.
Something deeper must change to be a kind of man that naturally affects women.
If you want to know what you need to change to be perfectly natural for women …