14 Tips to Make LOVE So That Your Partner Asks for More….

There is a difference between having sex and making love. You can satisfy your sexual desire in a few minutes thanks to a direct sexual relationship. But making love is something more elaborate. This starts long before the reports and ends later.
From the path you take to the present moment, from your concentration on the preliminaries, to the fact that you really do it while you are in the act, there is much to be done to make love. If you are looking for effective ways to please your partner and drive him crazy with you, read our article.
The preliminaries are important:
The art of making love is not limited to having sex. The preliminaries can be more enjoyable than the act itself, especially for women. Preliminaries are a way to prepare your partner for the future and take advantage of anticipation. It is also a way for your partner’s body to prepare and begin the process of natural lubrication, which will make sex more pleasant and less painful.
Making love is not just a physical connection. You can have extraordinary moments in bed, but if you want to go further, the secret could be to establish emotional relationships with your partner.
How to please your man and make him aspire to you:
Every man differs in his tastes and choices, but there are certain aspects that are generally appreciated by most men in a physical connection. These are some of the things you can try during your intimate moments with him to make sure he can not get enough of you:
1. Know how to wake up:
You may think that it is only your man’s job to excite him, but most men get excited when they see their partner awake, even before they have done something.
As a woman, you may need time to wake up and get in the mood. Your man will surely be there to prepare your body. But he will also love if you take the initiative and do something to wake up.
If at first you find it difficult to get emotional, close your eyes and fantasize. Think of everything you want your man to do and imagine that he is doing it for you now and for what he is doing to your body. Try to feel these sensations in your mind and imagine the reaction of your body.
You do not have to tell your man everything you imagined and how you woke up, but make sure your partner can see how your body behaves and how you like it.
2. That the act be fun.
The word sex often evokes only the act and the final pleasure. Although you can fantasize about the act, in practice it could be something different. Sex should not always be mild, since it is possible for you and your man to try certain positions that do not work. You may feel uncomfortable or irritable.
However, avoid these failed attempts as this will affect your mood and disappoint your partner. Instead of focusing on what is wrong and why it could not be better, just use that moment to laugh out loud and calm the tension.
Your man will love you for not making him look like a flaw in the bed and can also improve his sexual performance.
3. Give him a visual feast:
There are many ways to treat your partner with visual extravagance, but it depends on what you feel comfortable doing. Men love to see their partners in action, which will inspire them to stimulate women through them.
Visual stimulation is a powerful way to stimulate your man and put him in the mood. If you let him enjoy more, he will never stop coming back to you for more.
The key is to make sure you are having fun, because only when you are excited and reach that end point can you reflect it. It will also kick your partner.
Go to bed and start playing with yourself, but keep eye contact with your partner. By looking at it, you can show that you appreciate and also check their reactions to your movements. Move your body, make noises and help reach a climax. If you do not want to go completely alone, show your man when he should join you and help him get there.
4. Caress and Caress:
Men love that their partners use their hands well and caress their little one. To caress and caress him and, being gentle, to demonstrate to his manhood a firmness and authority.
You can also use a lubricant, such as massage oil, or those designed specifically for sexual pleasure.
Rub your hands with the lubricant and place one of your hands at the base of your penis. Use your other hand to raise and lower the penis. Perform a gentle but firm massage movement with circular movements and torsion.
Caress the head of your penis with the palm of your hand and lower again, then return. If you are comfortable, you can see it at the same time and give it a mixture of hand feeling and oral sensation.
5. Use ties:
Tie your man to show him that he has control, something that will enchant him and that will excite him. Of course, we do not mean to tie you up so you have trouble getting it. To relax or to leave traces.
Wear comfortable, silky, sensual ties, such as a tie, scarf and more, to tie it to the bed. Put a pillow under your head to hold it in place so you can see everything it does.
Remember that the idea of ​​tying is to keep it in place while doing your things in it. It does not have to be too tight, but symbolic. Tell your man that he is not allowed to move at all until he tells you.
To make it more fun, you can punish him every time he disobeys. If you try to get up and use your hands, give it a pat and put it back in its place.
6. Make it wet:
Your man will love the feeling of water in his body excited, so it is a good idea to start while both are in the shower.
Open the shower and kiss it openly while the water cascades over your body. To make it even more intimate, put your arms around your head and climb slowly on your toes to kiss it. You can close your eyes or open them slowly while you erase the kiss.
Work a beautiful mousse and soap it. Better yet, do it for each other. Ask your partner to treat you even when you start covering him everywhere. Show him where you want the soap to apply.
Do not forget to kiss him between soap sessions to show him how much you love him and feel attracted to him.
7. Naughty dress:
Your man will want more if you master this art. There is nothing more sensual and faster to wake up than to see your partner dressed in unpleasant clothes around him.
Wear lacy or curly lingerie and walk around the house in an informal way, without giving the impression that you are trying too hard.
You can choose to wear a loose, loose white shirt at the top and leave the buttons open.
If you want to go to a higher level and are comfortable, you can also take off your underwear and move on to the next mode. Reveal your skin and use it at home, accompanied by a pair of high-heeled shoes or sexy boots.
8. Talk dirty with him:
He will love! You may feel that you will have a wicked mind if you speak badly, but the truth is that you will not return it.
When we say evil, we do not want to mistreat you or talk in a way that tells you that you just spent some time in the ditch.
Instead, use your best husky voice (but avoid it if you’ve never tried it before and you’re not sure of the sound) and tell it all the things you want it to be. do. You can also begin to annoy him immediately by telling him everything you want him to do.
Take control and use some abusive words that are not offensive and that give a touch of power and dominion to everything you say.
How to make your wife happy and ask her more:
These are some of the things you can try in your intimate moments with your wife to make sure you never get tired of yourself:
1. Set the mood:
If nobody has told you this yet, the truth is that your wife will love you more and have more fun between the sheets if you put her in a good mood.
Depending on what your wife likes and the fun she has for her, create the perfect environment for her. You can turn off the lights and light some scented candles in the house.
Fill the tub and add some sensual bath salts and some rose petals in the water. Make sure the water is warm and help your wife get into the tub with you. Sit with her, look her in the eye, tell her how beautiful she is and bend over to kiss her.
To make the perfect adjustment, do not forget to add background music, not too strong, but nevertheless, something that she can listen and appreciate.
2. Play with your clothes:
Many men tear a woman’s clothes and take her to bed instantly. If you’re one of those people who think it’s the best way to please your wife, think again.
You can do a lot with the clothes your wife saw. Instead of simply removing them or forcing them to disguise themselves, transform them into an act of sensual pleasure.
When you start to take off your clothes, make it slow and attractive. You can always use the time to encourage him and give him an idea of ​​what is going to happen. Your fingers should slowly brush your skin and your lips should peck around your intimates, as you expect more of such actions during sex.
Play with everything she uses by taking off some of her clothes and leaving others. If she is wearing a shirt and a bra underneath, gently remove her but leave the bra. You can also use your teeth to open the pimples and maybe give a small bite around the belly and nipples when you open the shirt. If you want to remove the bra, start by touching it on the bra and gently massage her nipples until you can feel them spinning hard. Once you know it’s on, you can completely remove the bra.
Free her from her low dress and leave her panties. You can slowly pull your tongue out of your panties until you can hear it moan and writhe with pleasure. You can continue to use your tongue in her panties until she starts getting wet and you can move on to more previous games, as we explain in the next section.
3. Please her with the preliminaries:
There is a reason why the word Preliminaries is involved to please a woman.
While a man will love to start and do it, a woman likes to enjoy the time she uses in previous games. This will not only help to put a good mood, but also to prepare the sex of your body, lubricate and moisten. As a result, she will feel less pain during sex and it will be more pleasant for her when you finally do it.
Remember that preliminaries do not cling too hard or make it difficult. If it’s something that you and your wife like, you can save it later.
For the preliminaries, try giving her a sensual massage, teasing her by stroking her breasts and massaging her nipples and hips. You can also touch her on the parts of your wife between the massage to help her get wet and prepare for sex.
4. Descend over your wife:
Your partner may not always say it out loud, but once you misunderstand it, they will appreciate it and want more and more.
Be sure to first try some preliminaries with your wife and then give her an oral time. You must start slowly and use both your tongue and your fingers.
Your wife can love different things while you fear her, so she continues to experiment and sees what is good for her.
5. Making fun of her in sex:
Instead of going directly to the act, make fun of her at work so she can enjoy it.
Do not leave any space between when you practice oral sex and when you start having sex.
Once you start having sex, make sure you do not get dirty or dirty immediately or from start to finish immediately. Instead, slow down and extend the act.
After oral sex, you’re almost ready to cum, start having sex but be slow. Once in the mood, stop and try again.
Keep repeating the same thing over and over again until she gets angry and asks for more immediate sex.
6. Take control:
Women love when their partner dominates them and this is a great way to turn against her. Being dominant, we do not mean that you forget what she wants and that you do what you want.
Instead, make sure you keep your pleasures in mind while you show that you are taking control of it. Hold it firmly in your arms and turn it as you want to play with any part of your body. Even though you are firm and strong in your control over her, do not hurt her.
When you take control, talk to her and give her instructions about what to do and not do while you are in control. For example, you can continue by telling her to groan louder as she sees her peak, but tell her that she will not let you hold her hands or use her hands whenever you want.
Making love with your partner is an extremely personal experience, an experience in which both need to be attentive to the feelings and needs of the other. Be sure to talk with your partner and understand what others need.

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